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Snetterton Race Circuit Aerial

The format is Endurance Racing multi Drivers entries.

Taking place on Saturday 28th August, Bank holiday weekend.

The format of the race will include a 45 minutes qualifying followed by a 210 minutes race.

Priced at a very competitive £850 £700 we shall be offering an early booking discount to give our club members a firm race date in this season’s calendar.

We are expecting see a full grid of over 40 cars. From both new and seasoned drivers, minimum 2 drivers max 5 per car.

The Club Regulations are simple and will be finalized soon with BARC. They will include mandatory pit stops that will suit two, three driver entries.

We shall publish the Regs as soon as we can.

We are welcoming ANY up to one litre normally aspirated Production Road Car built to MSA race spec for scrutineering

Please BOOK early as we are expecting the race will be over subscribed.

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Key Stats

Race date: 28th August 2021








Was £850

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Snetterton 200 Circuit - One Litre Racing Club

Snetterton 200

The first corner is very fast due to being at the end of a long pit straight. It has a double apex shape to it, but like any of these type corners, the second apex is the important clipping point and what you should be aiming for.

The braking point for this corner is roughly just by the number 1 board. Apply a quick positive brake, maybe a gear down change (dependant on the car you drive), and then a smooth slow turn in.

You should be fairly close to the first apex but allowing the momentum to carry the car out a car’s width from the inside of the corner. Keeping the same steering angle will bring the car back to the second apex for maximum exit speed.

As soon as the car is turned in, get straight back on the power and look a long way up ahead towards turn two.

This tight hairpin can be easy to over shoot and run wide into the corner.

Braking point is roughly between marker boards 2 and 1 (located down the left-hand side of the circuit). Like any hairpin, it is crucial to trail brake right into the corner keeping the weight on the front of the car. You need to have a bit of patience and let the car rotate, making sure you get a late apex which is where the large curb on the inside of the corner ends. From here attack the left turn onto the back straight for the best possible momentum.

Technique wise, this is the hardest corner to get right on the Snetterton 200 layout. It requires you to brake all the way round the left corner, which is something you won’t have to do often.

Drivers have different approaches to this. Some tend to make two corners out of one by braking harder and slowing the car down earlier, then having to re-accelerate and then brake again for the tight right-hand turn.

My view is to brake softer initially and balance the car on the brakes all the way round the left turn. Increase the brake pressure before the right turn so you are ready to turn in at the correct speed. You end up braking once for the corner, rather than on, off, on.

This takes practice. Normally you brake in a straight line to your turning point, where you then slowly ease of the brakes as you turn. For this corner you brake round a corner.

Depending on which car you are driving, it’s achievable to take this corner flat out. It is a committed corner and is important not to rush the turn in otherwise you will get an early apex and could run wide on the exit or have to lift off, both of which will cost you time.

Once you have turned into the corner, the apex is towards the end of the inside curb.

Coram is probably the most exciting corner on the circuit and a real challenge for the driver. It is flat out going into the corner and you need to follow roughly a car’s width gap from the inside and then 3/4’s round slowly ease the car to the inside of the corner ready for the left hand turn which leads onto the important pit straight.

When braking for the final corner, make sure you ease off the power slowly and feed the brakes in gently to prevent unsettling the car.

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