One Litre Racing Club - Citroen C1

Our Mission

The collective aim of the One Litre Racing Club is to supply a platform for motorsport enthusiasts to be able to compete in endurance racing at low cost. The club is open to one litre, or under, normally aspirated RACE cars derived from road cars. And would like to encourage track day enthusiasts to take that small step into racing. We can guide these racers though the ARDS process and offer help and support to the first timers, as we all started somewhere. The club is wanting to promote affordable racing in low-cost cars, having fun but also competitive and serious.

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What Can Race?

As long as your vehicle is an existing 1litre or under you are good to go!


The aspirations of the One Litre Racing Club are to have a full grid for the inaugural endurance race at Snetterton on 28th August 2021. With enough early support we hope to hold a second race in 2021 and plan to hold a full championship in 2022. We aim to keep things simple, so club membership for 2021 will be free.

The early support for the club has been very positive. The club is managed by business owners who are very passionate about racing and we hope that members will enjoy open and honest communication with us.

Snetterton 200
Fiat Race Car